Philips Epiq Ultrasound System

Meet Epiq - the best ultrasound system on the market!

Equipped with the most powerful computer architecture ever used in ultrasonic systems, this top-notch system has set new standards in acoustic acquisition and processing, giving you the best picture on the market. Using xMatrix technology and accompanying probes as well as the new "Anatomical Intelligence" system, this platform offers you much more than you can imagine.

The Epiq 7 ultrasound system provides you with exceptional diagnostic safety, even in the most demanding patients. Using the revolutionary nSight architecture and a completely new approach to creating an ultrasound image, this device will delight you in every way. Philips nSIGHT architecture uses a brand new technology to form an ultrasound image with top-level pixel resolution. The Philips nSIGHT image display uses a new precision "beamformer" along with massive parallel image processing. This state-of-the-art technology creates, collects and processes a huge amount of acoustic data in real time, then reconstructs them, resulting in the creation of the best picture you can imagine. This exceptional technology ensures uniformity of ultrasound display across the entire range without compromise with conventional ultrasound image generation. Using nSIGHT technology through the use of an ultra-wide dynamic range, you are now able to visualize an unbelievable level of detail with excellent penetration at higher frequencies, even in technically demanding patients. Clinical studies have found improvement in penetration by as much as 76%, as well as an improvement in temporal resolution by an incredible 213% with the same acquisition speed (compared to the "high end" Philips iU22 ultrasound system).

Epiq 7 - the world's first device with volume recording capability

xMatrix Panorama Volume Recording uses the xMatrix Live xPlane image viewer to capture volume data in 3D / 4D mode using the expanded field of view. From now on, you can easily view the target organ, such as the liver or pancreas, the entire uterus or fetus in 3D panoramic mode. This exceptional technology enables the acquisition of the entire organ that facilitates examination and quantification, as well as a better overview of anatomical structures and their relationships.

xMatrix is a new, incredible probe technology

No other ultrasound system in the world can boast of a complete portfolio of the world's most innovative ultrasound probes. By pressing only one button, xMatrix offers all the ways to work with just one ultrasonic probe: 2D, 3D / 4D, Live xPlane, Live MPR, MPR, Doppler, Color Doppler and Color Power Angio.

PureWave crystal technology

PureWave crystal manufacturing technology is the biggest advancement in the field of the development of piezoelectric materials in the last 40 years. New, more uniform crystals are over 85% more efficient than conventional piezoelectric crystals, which leads to improved performance. This incredible technology enables better penetration and outstanding image resolution for technically demanding patients. All Philips xMatrix ultrasonic probes have implemented PureWave technology.

Q-app qualification applications
• Intima Media Thickness Q-app (IMT)
• General Imaging 3D Quantification Q-app (GI 3DQ)
• Region of Interest Q-app (ROI)
• MicroVascular Imaging Q-app (MVI)
• Strain Quantification Q-app (SQ)
• Cardiac 3D Quantification Q-app (3DQ)
• Cardiac 3D Advanced Quantification Q-app (3DQ Advanced)
• CMQ Stress Q-app

More about Q-app qualification applications on this link


Anatomy Intelligence (AIUS)

Anatomical intelligence is designed to allow Philips ultrasonic systems to pass from passive to
active state of adaptive operation of the device. Using advanced organ modeling techniques, image processing, and advanced quantification, reviewing is simpler than before. Checks are more consistent, thus achieving a new level of patient review. Starting from reducing the repetitive functions of the operator to technically very demanding measurement and quantification with minimal interference of users using Zero-Click technology, the stream and the way of review with a new dimension of diagnostic safety is simplified.

Fetal Heart Navigator

The premium xMatrix technology allows you to fully acquire the fetal heart volume within just 2 seconds, while during that time, the Philips Fetal Heart Navigator automatically adjusts the axis of of ductal arch view as the base line for other views. A series of simple instructions and 2D schematic reviews will guide you through the next 3 reviews to provide a complete picture of the heart of the fetus.

Revolution of the mode of operation

Philips Epiq ultrasound systems completely change the way ultrasonic systems work. Ease of use, ergonomics, portability. Interaction with the device has never been more intuitive! More than 80% of doctors who use ultrasonic systems during their careers face work-related injuries, and even 20% of them are forced to interrupt their career due to injuries at work. The Philips Epiq ultrasound system and the new "tablet" interface reduce the number of movements by 40-80% and the number of button pressures by 15% which leads to less fatigue and the possibility of injuries caused by repetitive work and repetition of motion.

The design of the platform is such that even users with less experience can use it. The system offers a host of automated functions such as Real Time iScan (AutoScan), which automatically optimizes gain and TGC to provide optimum image in 2D, 3D and 4D mode.

With a weight of only 104 kg, the Epiq ultrasound system belongs to the lightest ultrasound systems in the class. Put the device in "sleep mode", move it, and continue to work with it in just a few seconds. During transport, it is possible to lower the screen in order to reduce the total height of the device. Intelligently placed cable hooks and probe holders allow for very simple and safe device transport, as well as less possibility of accidental damage to the device.

The Philips Epiq ultrasonic system is almost silent during use. Noise tests have shown that Epiq only sends 37-41 dB, which is equal to silence in libraries.

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Incredible ease of use

The possibility of rotation in all directions of the control panel, as well as the 54,6 cm diagonal LCD with an angle of rotation of incredible 720 ° allows for very large modularity which makes it easier to carry out inspections and reduces operator fatigue.

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