Philips Affiniti Ultrasound System

Philips Affiniti - Device for your everyday life
Designed to deliver superior image quality and reliability combined with exceptional performance, the Philips Affiniti ultrasonic system delivers incredible image quality, advanced features and ease of use. Extremely elegant and simple design is adapted to everyday work.

The incredible possibility of clinical application of the new Philips Affinity ultrasonic system allows for use in all branches of medicine:

• Abdominal cavity examinations
• Gynecology and Obstetrics
• Fetal echocardiography
• Cerebrovascular ultrasound
• Abdominal and peripheral vascular ultrasound
• "Small parts" and surface organs
• The locomotor system
• Pediatric general ultrasound
• Prostate
• Echocardiography of children and adults
• Stress echocardiography
• Transseophageal echocardiography of adults
• Surgical and intraoperative imaging
• Contrast ultrasound
• Elastography

The Philips Affiniti ultrasonic system supports a wide range of ultrasonic probes that can be used together with Philips premium ultrasonic systems such as Philips Epiq, Sparq, and CX50 ultrasonic systems.

 Affiniti 111


A powerful combination of peformance and exceptional ease of use allows fast and reliable diagnostics

Tissue-Specific Preset (TSP)
The combination of optimization parameters of the ultrasonic probe for a specific type of examination, together with a precision ultrasonic waveformer, ensures superior image quality with little or no need for subsequent optimization. TSP automatically and optimally optimizes over 7500 parameters to optimize the image in the best possible way without the need for further adjustment of the device. This incredible technology is combined with advanced clinical functionality including elastography, contrast ultrasound (CEUS) and Anatomic Intelligence Ultrasound (AIUS).

 Affiniti 222

Other advanced features that make easier and faster everyday work:
• SmartExam - an advanced ultrasound scanning system. Increases the accuracy and uniformity of the scan, reduces the number of keys that are pressed during the scan, and reduces the scan time by 30% to up to 50%
• AutoSCAN - Real time iScan - Automatically and continuously adjusts the brightness and contrast of the image, regardless of the type of review and target tissue.
• Fetal Heart Navigator (FHN)
• Elastography (shear wave and strain elastography)
• CEUS (contrast ultrasound)
• Auto Doppler - used in vascular imaging. From now on, you can adjust the color and window sample window in just 3 steps, with reduced use of the keys by as much as 67.9%.
• SonoCT
• 2D Anatomic Intelligence (AIUS)
- A2DQA.I. allows you to calculate a 2D ejection fraction (2D EF) and a volume within only 10 seconds!
- aCMQ А.И. enables rapid calculation of 2D GLS (Global Longitudinal Strain) and ejection fraction (EF)

The technology of making the so-called. "Single crystal" ultrasonic probes provide deep penetration for technically demanding patients, which allows the use of only one probe in technically demanding and technically simple patients.

 Affiniti 333

The Philips Affiniti 70 ultrasonic system is the only system in the class that can use "single crystal" PureWave technology in the most important clinical segments. PureWave ultrasound probes have been designed to improve penetration, so each probe can provide better diagnostic safety for technically demanding patients with a higher body mass. Pure, uniform PureWave crystals have 85% better efficiency when transmitting and receiving ultrasonic waves than conventional piezoelectric materials; this exceptional technology enables advanced penetration with excellent resolution in deeper parts of the image.

PureWave probes include:

• PureWave C5-1 and C9-2 ultrasound probe for examination of abdominal cavity and obstetrics
• PureWave S5-1 ultrasound probe for cardiology and transcranial applications (TCD)
• PureWave C10-3V ultrasound probe for early obstetric and gynecological examinations

Affiniti 444

The Philips Affiniti 70 is the only ultrasonic system in the class that supports both strain and shear wave elastic tests in assessing the elasticity and hardness of the tissue. Highly sensitive "strain" imaging does not require external compression and can be used to evaluate relative tissue hardness through a variety of clinical cases, including breast, small organ and gynecological examinations.

ElastPQ shear wave elastography uses unique pulse characteristics to generate and measure the propagation velocity of the wave through the tissue, resulting in absolute measurements of tissue hardness that has been proven to assist in the diagnosis of diseases such as liver cirrhosis. The method is easy to use, it can be repeated uninterruptedly and helps in assessing the risk in patients with liver disease. The number of painful and expensive biopsy procedures is potentially reduced.


 Affiniti 555

 Affiniti 666


 Affiniti 777

Contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS)

Using the Philips Affiniti 70 ultrasonic system, contrasting examinations can be performed during each examination. Affiniti enables fast and high-quality optimization of CEUS scans and outstanding image quality and sensitivity using a variety of contrast media and applications, allowing dynamic evaluation of organic and tumor blood flow in real-time.

 Affiniti 888


 Affiniti 999


Q-app qualification applications:

„General Imaging“ Q-App applications:

• Intima Media Thickness (IMT)
• General Imaging 3D Quantification (GI 3DQ)
• Region of Interest (ROI)
• MicroVascular Imaging (MVI)
• Fetal Heart Navigator (FHN)
• Vascular Plaque Quantification (VPQ)

Cardiological Q-App Applications:
• Intima Media Thickness
• Region of Interest (ROI)
• Strain Quantification (SQ)
• Automated 2D Cardiac QuantificationA.I. (a2DQ A.I.)
• Automated Cardiac Motion QuantificationA.I. (aCMQ A.I.)


2D Anatomical Intelligence - Automation to better results
A2DQA.I. for AutoEF (automatic measurement of the ejection fraction)
• Rapid method of measurement of 2D ejection fraction and volume - calculation performed using
• BiplaneSimpson Method of Disks
• Results are obtained within only 10 seconds!

aCMQ А.И. for GLS and EF
• Quick access and measurement of Global Longitudinal Strain measurements from all 3 apical axes
• AutoEF (ejection fraction) calculations performed simultaneously without additional steps

3D anatomic intelligence
Automation designed to help and increase safety in the most difficult examinations - the heart of the fetus

Fetal Heart Navigator
– After acquiring the STIC volumetric data set, Fetal Heart Navigator helps locate the required views for evaluating the fetal heart
– Fetal Heart Navigator automatically sets the adjusts the axis of of ductal arch view as the base line for other views. After that, using a series of simple instructions and adjusting 2D images according to the reference schemes, the doctor can quickly display the 3 axes required by the ISUOG guidelines.

Designed according to your needs
Users with skills and knowledge of using an ultrasound system require minimal system adaptation. An intuitive interface (similar to using a tablet) reduces the number of keys and their use. To improve efficiency and review speed, all the most important keys are within the fingertips, which allows you to enjoy a comfortable, safe and fast operation with the Affiniti ultrasound system. In order to prevent injuries caused by repetitive movements, a touch screen is designed with all the necessary functions and keys.

Affiniti 1010


One of the best innovations in using ultrasound is to display an ultrasound image on a touchscreen. In this way, during surgery or education, it is possible to use an ultrasound system without the need to use an additional monitor.

The ability to rotate the control panel by 180 ° and the 21.5-inch (54.6 cm) largest monitor allow extreme comfort during scanning. Also, the cooling and ventilation system is designed to allow a very quiet operation of the device (a volume of around 50 dB).

Easy Clip - an innovative cable management system for ultrasonic probes for easy use and longer life of ultrasonic probes.

 Affiniti 1110



The Philips Affiniti ultrasonic system is one of the easiest systems in a class with a weight of only 83.5 kg. The device is equipped with a battery and using the so-called “the sleep mode” can be transported without shutdown and restarted for 20 seconds. Once the scan is over, you are able to easily share and instantly share information through DICOM or PC system. User-friendly reports provide secure, useful, and high-quality data storage with the ability to share over network protocols.

The device is equipped with a workstation with the possibility of simultaneous overview of DICOM data (CT, NM, MR, mammography, ultrasound images) without the need for an additional external workstation

Smart investment

In order to improve utilization and reduce downtime, the Philips Affiniti ultrasound system is equipped with a proactive system for monitoring device functions that indicate any problem before it occurs. Also, the device can be connected via the Philips remote service interface, which reduces the need for the arrival of the service provider and speeds up the correcting of any problems.
• Remote desktop - this exceptional technology allows the so-called. "Virtual Visit" for very fast technical and clinical assistance without the need of a service engineer or application specialists
• iSSL technology - The iSSL industry standard protocol ensures safe, fast and affordable connection of the ultrasonic system to the Philips network using the existing infrastructure.
• "Online support"
• Reports on the use of the device - the device is equipped with statistical monitoring of the use of devices, each probe and each pre-defined setting (preset), which enables better and better planning of the time and work of medical institutions.
• Proactive monitoring - proactive monitoring enables early detection and repair of anomalies and before they become a visible problem. Advanced technology helps with early diagnostics, reducing the time needed to repair the device and increasing system use time, the satisfaction of end-users and patients, and reduces any possible repair costs of the device.
• Intelligent Software Architecture - Philips Affiniti is very easy to optimize and maintain by the user of the device without the risk of losing vital patient information. Patient data is stored on a separate hard drive, which provides security and enables fast return of data in case of an unwanted event.
• Possibilities of remote clinical education

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